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2-Week Intro Package


2-Week Intro Package


Take a 30-minute introductory lesson prior to kicking off your unlimited 2-week trial, where you’ll get an unlimited number of 1-Hour classes each week.



You can chose any one of the classes listed below as your Trial Class.

Krav Maga
These level appropriate classes include Fundamentals, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Women Only.  

A combination of cardio, strength and conditioning, yoga, heavy bag work, focus mitt work, body weight training, punches, kicks, knees and fitness kickboxing.  

Krav Maga Kids
Like our adults, kids learn Krav Maga.  The language is age appropriate, but the techniques are the same.  Trial classes available for ages 4-6 (Little Ninjas), 7 -10 (Little Warriors) and 11-14 (Young Paladins).

Krav Maga Parents & Kids
Available on Sundays, classes are perfect for parents or grandparents who want to share an activity with their children or grandchildren.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
Learn the art of defending, fighting and winning on the ground.  Perfect for beginners through advanced, challenging and an awesome workout.



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